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"Working with the O'Connors is a terrific experience. They are both so professional, thorough, friendly, and accessible. Each of them complements the other, so the two make a fabulous team. I have gotten results and creative ideas. Their willingness to explore the marketplace from a multitude of directions helps them stand out from the rest."
-- Diane Katz


Win at Work! The Everybody Wins Approach to Conflict Resolution

- by Diane L. Katz, Ph.D.

Dr. Katz, a former human resources executive and the founder of her own consulting firm, offers a powerful, eight-step approach to resolving conflicts that speeds up decision-making and blends intuition with logic.


Playing to Win: The Sport of Selling and How You Can Win at the game

- by Allen Guy
(Sartoris Literary Group)

With more than 25 years in sales, the author uses sports analogies to share his tactics for becoming a top salesperson.