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"Lynda and Jim O'Connor performed their tasks in a major way that was highly professional and effective. They organized a 70-plus book signing tour for my novel in 11 states which was executed perfectly. They opened doors into media: TV interviews, newspapers and radio with know-how that was learned through their years of experience. Jim and Lynda became great friends and taught me invaluable skills in the world of book marketing. I would recommend their team to any author who is interested in making his or her book a success."
--David P. Bridges


The Broken Circle

- by David P. Bridges
(Resource Publications)

A work of historical fiction about James Breathed,  a young doctor turned warrior for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Breathed was author David Bridges’ great, great uncle, and most of the events in the book actually took place. In 2013, Breathed was posthumously awarded the Confederate Medal of Honor.


Fielder's Choice

- by J. Mark Hart
(TradeWorks Publishing)

A coming-of-age novel set in Birmingham, Alabama, during the integration and anti-war tensions of 1969.


Author Endorsement...

"Jim and Lynda O'Connor created a great boost for my book. They arranged very good reviews and several radio and blog interviews. Plus they are fun to work with. My book would be collecting dust instead of reviews without their work."

- J. Mark Hart

Fast Track

- by John DeDakis
(ArcheBooks Publishing)

In his debut novel, former CNN Senior staff writer for Wolf Blitzer, John DeDakis, introduces Lark Chadwick, a young woman who discovers the dead body of her aunt who raised her from infancy after the tragic deaths of her parents. Her search for the truth behind the deaths of her aunt and her parents puts her own life in peril.


Author Endorsement...

"I've enjoyed working with Jim and Lynda O'Connor. For book promotion and lining up speaking gigs, it's been an ideal relationship-collaborative, personal, professional."

- John DeDakis


- by John DeDakis
(ArcheBooks Publishing)

Bluff picks up where Fast Track left off. Lark Chadwick is a reporter at a weekly newspaper in Wisconsin. Lark investigates a shady real estate scam that victimizes the elderly, and the mysterious death of the editor's daughter along the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.


Pictures of the Past

- by Deby Eisenberg
(Studio House Literary)

A fictitious family saga and love story that begins in 1937 and takes readers from Chicago's wealthy North Shore to romantic Paris and Nazi Germany, providing a window to actual events spanning more than half a century.


Another Man's Treasure

- by James V. O’Connor
(Post Mortem Press)

A mystery/romance novel about a professional home organizer hired by a demanding client to find hidden riches allegedly hidden in a cluttered and mysterious mansion. A married man, he also struggles to resist the charm and seductive flirtations of another client.


Courting Kathleen Hannigan

- by Mary Hutchings Reed

Reed's novel is a revealing story of a woman lawyer who witnesses life-disrupting demands and discrimination that existed in large law firms for decades and still linger today. Author Reed writes from her experiences and observations as a woman lawyer in Chicago since the 1970’s.


Home Again

- by Michael K. Smith
(Creative Space)

Two young men from Tennessee join the Civil War, one for the North and one for South, seeking adventure and glory but learn the harsh realities of war. Includes actual battle seasons and profiles of popular generals.