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KDVR TV – Denver man recalls former life of crime in Whitey Bulger gang

September 29, 2015

DENVER — Johnny Depp portrays Whitey Bulger in the movie “Black Mass.” Bulger was a crime boss of the Boston Irish Winter Hill Gang.

Denver resident Eric Schneider, using an alias, would know there is nothing glamorous about the life of a gangster. He was in Bulger’s gang for seven years. “A friend of mine who knew a member of Whitey’s gang, they needed a fourth person for an armed robbery cell that robbed banks and armored cars,” Schneider said. He joined the Bulger gang in 1986. READ MORE…

“Having duffel bags full of money, living in penthouses on the beach and driving fantastic cars. That’s what I was focusing on,” Schneider said.

Schneider’s life of crime came with a very dark side as well.

“I had a 28-foot Sea Ray and Whitey asked me on one occasion to take a body out to sea and sat and watched them dismember it while they sank it piece by piece,” Schneider said.

Eventually, Schneider was caught, charged with multiple counts of armed robbery, made a deal with federal agents and now is under the federal witness protection program. He also wrote a book titled “The Choir Boy.”

Schneider said his book is really three books in one.

“What I went through as a child with the abuse, being involved with the Irish mafia, and what happened with my years in Boston, and then my journey back,” he said.

Back to exactly where he’s not sure. But Schneider hopes it’s a better place than where he’s been.